SOUTH PARK TWP. (KDKA) — An elderly man in South Park suffered a head injury and is now in critical condition after he was run over by his own car.

George Schlata, 90, was about to get into his car to take his wife to brunch Monday morning when the accident happened on Downing Street.

“I seen him laying here – car kind of ran him over,” Harrison Jones, a witness, said.

Jones, and his brother, Mike, watched as Schlata’s Ford Tempo rolled backwards over the World War II veteran and across the street, crashing into a neighbor’s porch.

“I was afraid for George – that was the first thing I saw,” Madeliena Hhaduk said. “After the car hit the house, I didn’t care about that. I saw his body in the street and I told my husband, ‘Call 911. George is in the street. There’s been an accident.’”

Schlata was rushed to UPMC Mercy Hospital. His wife of 50 years was in the passenger side of the car during the crash. She was not hurt.

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