ARNOLD (KDKA) — Police in Arnold, Westmoreland County, are trying to track down a gunman who shot a young man in a drive-by shooting.

Someone in a silver SUV opened fire on the man as he was walking in the 1600-block of Riverside Avenue.

“I was sitting here mowing the grass and everything and then I walked down the street and all I hear is ‘Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!’ and gunshots and everything,” Chad Livingston, who called 911, said. “Everybody’s going crazy like somebody got shot and then I seen the dude. He had a bullet hole in his leg.”

The victim was shot in the lower leg.

Before that, he was targeted a block away near Riverside Park.

The bullets missed him, but hit a car in which a local office worker was eating his lunch.

Police say at least five to seven shots were fired.

Police found the vehicle in the shooting a half mile away, but the gunman was nowhere to be found.

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