PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – We all like the idea of making healthy meals, but who has the time?

The makers of a new product say you’ll have the time if you get yourself a Salad Chef.

It promises to have you making salads faster than ever before.

But, Does It Really Do That?

The idea behind the Salad Chef represents a beautiful relationship, between a chopper, and a bowl. Dice food fast, serve and store all in one piece.

In the commercial, it chops a pretty salad in seconds.

Family and work keep Cheryl Berry running. Still, cooking is relaxing for her. She likes eating healthy, loves salads and takes one to work almost every day.

She was eager to see how the Salad Chef might be able to make her life a little easier.

For $39.99, the basic Salad Chef system includes a large bowl, the chopping lid, a fresh keeping lid, a medium and large cutting blade, a grater and an instruction book with recipes.

KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Antkowiak tried to make the pretty layered salad shown in the commercial and on the box with Berry.

The first step was to insert a cutting blade.

They started with the lettuce. You still have to get out the cutting board and a couple of knives and a peeler.

All the food has to be washed, peeled, seeded, and cut into sections before the Salad Chef can go to work.

They tried to cut the lettuce, but it kept getting stuck, so they changed to a larger blade and saw better results.

They switched to the smaller cutting blade and tried cheese and it did the job.

Then, they prepped and chopped cucumbers and carrots, too. The testers found that the larger blade also worked better for fresh tomatoes.

Bigger chunks of a raw sweet potato were too hard to push the blade through, but it diced thinner slices well.

The Salad Chef did a great job cutting a softer, red-skinned potato for fast, fresh French fries.

All pieces are dishwasher safe, and there’s a self-cleaning button on the chopping lid. Push it and food pops out for you to rinse away.

The Salad Chef claims to save you time by making fast work of cutting foods for salads, soups, and more.

Antkowiak wants to point out that they found lots of complaints online from people who ordered from Salad Chef’s official website. They were charged upwards of $100 more after saying “yes” in the ordering process to add-ons like the spinner, different size bowl and other blades.


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