By Marty Griffin

GREEN TREE (KDKA) — A call about a hostage situation at a house in Green Tree was apparently a hoax.

A man with a Middle Eastern accent called police around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. The man allegedly claimed he had seven hostages, explosives and wanted transportation.

KDKA’s Marty Griffin reports sources say the man called Zone 5 police in Pittsburgh. They reported the call to Green Tree police.

“There was a report of a firearm as well as explosives,” Green Tree Police Lt. Chad Rannigan said. “There was a ransom requested – I can’t really remember what exactly they wanted now, but it was money and transportation, things like that and no other additional information other than we were reported that it was a Middle Eastern male who [was] making the demands.”

Several police departments, including the SWAT team and the bomb squad, responded to the home in the 1100-block of Greentree Road.

“Taking it as a hoax – it may very well be a hoax. We may find that out in an hour or two days from now, but as far as we’re concerned, we’re going to take it seriously,” Rannigan said.

After a couple of hours, the SWAT team stormed the house and found no one inside. There was never a hostage or hostage taker.

“No, it doesn’t look like we found anything,” Rannigan said. “Bad call – I don’t know. Bad information, bad address, maybe a prank – I don’t know.”

Police made contact with the people who live at the home. They are on vacation in Florida.

Police closed off Greentree Road between Potomac Avenue and Oriole Drive during the incident.

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