DONORA (KDKA) — People in Donora are cleaning up and airing out their basements after they were flooded with sewage water.

It happened late Monday when heavy rain hit the area and a sewage pipe blew out in the Overlook Terrace area.

The borough has provided a huge dumpster for trash as they clean up.

One homeowner, Heather Massey, told KDKA-TV that she hoped Donora Borough could do more to help.

“I just hope they find a way to help us because I don’t feel responsible for this,” she said.

She said she’ll need a new furnace and other items in the basement because she had more than six inches of water with feces in it.

“It’d be one thing if it was rain and water, you know, rain, just the water, the muddy water, but it was sewage. I mean sewage all through the street – everywhere. In our house!” Massey said.

Another neighbor, Ken Barboa Jr., co-owner of the Spanish Club, said he had several feet of sewage water in the basement.

“We didn’t know what it was at first, you know, …. It came up through all the sewers,” he said. “The whole basement – since we have the largest basement – we took on the most water and it’s really bad. There’s feces after it subsided and stuff, so we have a lot of work to do.”

“Now it’s going to be a lot of bleach,” he continued. “We should have stock in bleach.”

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