PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s been a long, frustrating day for some local air travelers.

They arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport early Saturday morning to catch one of two flights to Myrtle Beach, but neither one got off the ground.

Both were canceled, but passengers say they were not told about the cancellation until late Saturday night.

“We heard, ‘Well, we’re [going to] leave at 3:30, we’re [going to] leave at 4:30, we’re [going to] leave at 5:30, we’re [going to] leave at 6:30, we’re [going to] leave at 7:30.’ They came out at eight o’clock and said the flight’s been canceled, go home,” said traveler John Pelaia.

“Everybody’s pretty upset, and the bad part is there are no flights leaving for Myrtle Beach this evening,” added Mary Insana, another traveler. “I don’t even think we can get on a plane tomorrow.”

Travelers were told a mechanical problem is to blame. They will be compensated.

The flights are operated by Direct Air. KDKA attempted to contact the airline, but the calls were not returned.

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