PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As the man facing death for killing three Pittsburgh police officers was back in court this week, prosecutors released evidence never before made public about Richard Poplawski’s past.

One piece of evidence included an internet radio show he helped host called the, “Eddie and P.O. Show.” Sometimes there were comments about recent mass killings.

“Thirty three people dead. I’m fairly impressed by that…”

And there were references like these:

“I’m going to get into the history books because I’m going to kill my ex-girlfriend, her mother, her pets, my father and people I don’t like and then some random [expletive deleted] and a couple of members of the Pittsburgh police.”

Prosecutors also showed the judge internet postings like this one as the judge determined the sentence for Poplawski on charges beyond the homicide charge.

“Are you serious? It’s easy to post pictures of terrorists holding AK’s in an attempt to demonize guns, but I should hope most people would see right through that tactic.

“What happens when the GOV is the only entity with any real firepower. And they feel like trampling you. With what instruments will you fight the tyranny? Lest ye forget. Think it can’t happen here? Stay tuned.”

On his computer, though, was a narrative about his own interaction with police in Westmoreland County when he went to an Eat ‘N Park carrying a weapon that was not concealed.

The officers questioned him but there was no incident.

He asked, though, “Supposing the next group of officers take the hard-guy approach?”

The judge also saw Poplawski’s encounter with county jail guards when they determined he needed to be subdued when he took off all his clothes and became combative.

The tape was relevant, say prosecutors, because they say he showed no remorse saying he’d kill police again if he had the chance.

Poplawski’s potential 190-year sentence in addition to his death sentence means that that he’ll never get out of jail even if the death sentence is not imposed.

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