PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are looking for a suspect after a man says he was robbed by someone in a wheelchair early this morning.

The victim says a man in a wheelchair approached him just before 2 a.m. in the 1000-block of Liberty Avenue claiming he had a gun.

The victim suffered a leg injury in the robbery.

A witness said three men were beating another man in the bushes.

“I saw them grab the guy’s shirt and pull it over his head and he was punching him in the face and he was screaming obscenities and stuff at him. When we walked over he just got on his wheelchair and started strolling fast away down the street,” James George said.

When George yelled for them to stop, two of the men ran. The man in the wheelchair shouted an obscenity and also took off.

“You would not expect somebody with one leg in a wheelchair to be assaulting people like that. It’s weird,” George said.

Police said the wheelchair suspect went inside the bus station and attempted to rob another person.

“He told somebody else that he had a gun and he wanted their wallet,” George said.

George got involved because he didn’t want to see anybody get hurt. For him, the incident is disturbing.

“It’s sad to think that you can’t walk down the street without somebody trying to rob you,” George said.

Police have identified a suspect, but have not released their name at this time.

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