PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Now that Pitt’s move to the Atlantic Coast Conference is official, Pitt students and coaches are starting to prepare for what lies ahead.

It’s generally accepted that football decisions can drive a school’s athletic finances.

On Monday, Pitt students learned some business lessons beyond what they learned in the classroom.

“Definitely money and exposure are the two top things and just the competitive aspect of it,” Pitt junior Jeremy Camp said.

“I think it’s probably a good idea, for the best. I think it will be the same competition in basketball, probably better competition in football and we’ll see how it works out,” Pitt senior Jillian Schuyler said.

As for the basketball team, head coach Jamie Dixon said what happened over the weekend is just a fact of life in college sports.

Dixon said his team will be ready in the short-term for the Big East. In the long-term, they will be ready for the ACC.

Interestingly enough, Dixon helped bring his alma mater, TCU, to the Big East last year.

“They’re in a better position now than they were last year and they understand that and know that. They knew what the conference situation was when they signed up for it as well. Nobody’s surprised by this, I don’t think. I think people knew realignment has been occurring and will continue to occur and there was a good chance the Big East was definitely going to be involved,” Dixon said.

As for the Big East rivalries, Dixon said that with realignment over the years, rivalries change.


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