PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Chapter of Clean Cities is working to educate consumers about the different ways to fuel vehicles by bringing together providers, manufacturers and educators for an alternative fuel show-and-tell.

Odyssey Day 2011 is a chance for people to consider — or maybe re-consider — their transportation options for the future.

“The technology is there and it’s getting better,” explained the executive director of Pittsburgh Clean Cities, Rick Price. “Our job is to educate the public, do outreach events like this to show the public what is going on.”

More than 300 people attended the event at CCAC’s West Hills Center.

“When students come out or anyone comes out to West Hills to the Center, and walks into this auto bay, this training facility, I think they are often surprised at the level of technology and sophistication that we have,” CCAC President Dr. Donna Imhoff added.

In addition to speakers and presenters, more than 30 different alternative fuel vehicles were on display – along with the companies that provide the infrastructure to power them.

“It’s kind of the cart and the horse kind of story – the cars had to be there and the chargers had to be there, and I think they are kind of coming together now at the same time,” added Don Carnovale from Eaton Corporation.

The biggest challenge when it comes to teaching mechanics is learning about the new electronics while still maintaining the old style of car too.

“It’s batteries, it’s electronics, it’s plug-in, it’s electric motor, it’s magnetism, and these cars will run. These cars will run, they’ll surprise people,” Bob Koch, CCAC Automotive Technology Chair, said.

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