PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When you see designer clothes in the magazine ads, they are usually just ideas of what to wear because of the high prices.

Now, more and more couture designers are creating affordable, designer clothes, and you can find them in our area.

“There may have been a bit of reluctance at some point in time to delve into this, but the success has really created quite a frenzy. And it’s a very popular trend now for a designer to do a spinoff line and for department stores to be right behind it,” fashion stylist Shelley Yugar said.

Karl Lagerfeld, the designer for Chanel and Fendi, is the latest couture fashion designer to come out with an affordable line of clothes for real women.

His new line at Macy’s is only available for a limited time.

Prices range from $50 to $170 and some things are cheaper and on sale now.

“It’s super exciting for women because so many women love Karl Lagerfeld and the chance to own something he sketched is great because they would be in the thousands if they were to buy something like that from Channel,” Yugar said.

Also at Macy’s is a new line by couture designer Rachel Roy who is known for comfortable clothes and interesting silhouettes.

J.C. Penney has a new designer line called MNG by Mango. Also, the American Living line at J.C. Penney is designed by Ralph Lauren.

Wedding dress designer Vera Wang has a clothing line at Kohl’s, and she’s soon coming out with engagement rings at Zales.

At H&M, Jimmy Choo had a line of shoes and Versace has a line coming out. However, sometimes these collections are only available one time.

“It’s the designer’s willingness to complete a collection for a store and whatever is in the store and whatever is there at that moment is what there is. It never comes back,” Yugar said. “You may go in one day and it’s there. I’d say don’t wait because once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

That is what happened when Target carried a line by Missoni last month. Some stores sold out in hours, and now, the items are being sold on eBay and Craig’s List for up to five times the retail price.

So, how can stores sell great designs at cheaper prices?

The fabric may be polyester instead of wool, or faux leather instead of real. The stitching and the details are different too.

However, it’s still a chance to get a designer look when most people would usually never be able to afford it.

Macy’s is featuring a new high fashion designer each month in its “Impulse” line. Next month will feature John Batiste.

You’ll be able to find them at select Macy’s, including the Mall at Robinson, South Hills Village, Ross Park Mall and the Monroeville Mall.

As for the Missoni line of clothing at Target, all local stores are sold out of the women’s clothing or have only a handful of pieces left.

The store in North Fayette does have a few sweaters, jackets and pants left.


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