PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Fans of the new iPhone 4S started lining up outside of Apple stores last night hoping to be among the first to get the new phone.

Apple is expecting this to be its best product launch ever, and if today’s lines are any indication, that sounds about right.

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Even before the sun rose on a rainy Shadyside Friday morning, they waited.

“I got here at about 11:15 last night,” said iPhone user Mike Chieu.

“I got here at 4:30, but most people got here at like 2 or 12, so I got to sleep a little bit,” added Megan Magee, another fan of the iPhone.

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The iPhone 4S is the newest iPhone; it’s got crazy technology, a better camera, faster processer and something called Siri. But what’s that?

“Voice recognition software – I wanna see how it works,” said Janard Pendelton, who lined up this morning to get his iPhone.

It costs $199 for the newest Apple creation. Based on pre-orders it is on the way to being one of the biggest selling iPhones of all time – two weeks after the father of all things Apple, Steve Jobs, died. And even $200 lighter in the pocket book, the Apple addiction was obvious.

“Best phone you can buy,” said one new owner.

“I’m gonna bring it around to people, ask it questions – hat will be my entertainment for the day,” said Katherine Nguyn, an iPhone user.

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