By Dave Crawley

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Butch Patrick played the role of little Eddie Munster on the hit comedy of the 60s.

“The Munsters” brought laughter to millions of living rooms. The actor, now 58, is visiting Pittsburgh to greet fans at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont Friday and Saturday night. He will introduce a film called “Munster Go Home.”

“Everybody asks me was that my real hair?”

KDKA’s Dave Crawley caught up with Butch Patrick at the Gallery on Baum in North Oakland.

“Have you ever seen anyone with hair like that?” he asks, pointing to a painting on the gallery wall.

“I got to play myself,” he recalled, of a once-little boy of eleven. “I just played myself, and then they put makeup on me and I would tweak it to whatever the scripts called for that day.”

Though most of the stars have passed away, the show lives on in re-runs.

“A good barometer is they keep re-issuing Munster stuff year after year after year,” he says, gesturing to a table filled with memorabilia. “So you know there’s still people watching it. Now we’ve got three generations, which is an interesting thing that I get a kick out of.”

Bruce Patrick has survived some rough spots. He’s now clean and sober, after 41 years of substance abuse, which began in the Hollywood of the 60s.

“Some people grew out of it. Some people didn’t. Some people wound up in jail or dead,” he said. “And I kind of survived. It’s amazing. For a little over 11 months I’ve done a complete 180. I’m feeling great.”

Eddie Munster has survived the scariest test of all.

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