CECIL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The bar is high when it comes to Halloween decorating in one neighborhood in Cecil Township. That’s because nationally-known illusionist Mike Super lives there.

Every year, neighbors look for what sort of illusions Super and his wife will set up for trick-or-treaters.

Super won the national television show “Phenomenon,” has a new show in the works, and tours nationally, but on Halloween, he makes sure he’s home.

“I said to my beautiful wife, ‘Hey, how about we have a murder in each window of the house this year?'” Super said.

So, using projections on to shower curtains, that’s what people passing by see.

But the main attraction is the “magic mirror” next to the candy dish. Super uses a baby monitor to see and hear the trick-or-treaters as they arrive on the front porch. The children, though, see a computer-generated mask that appears to be speaking to them.

“I talked through a microphone that I hooked up in a scary voice,” said Super. “The trick-or-treaters love it! It’s great!”

His neighbors seem to love what super and his wife come up with each year. “It’s amazing it really is,” said one woman who lives nearby. “Just as cool as can be.”

“I’m a magician so I like study illusionary properties,” said Super. “So we put it together – my wife and I – in 30 days and it’s fun because I love Halloween!”

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