WILMERDING (KDKA) — People who live in part of an apartment building in Wilmerding are spending Thursday night somewhere else.

Ten people were evacuated after a carbon monoxide detector went off.

No one got sick at the Westinghouse Apartments, but the fire department and gas company showed up to investigate.

The people who live there are not allowed back until the levels go down. The gas company will return in the morning to check for that.

KDKA’s David Highfield asked Wilmerding Emergency Management Coordinator Stephen Shurgot: “They were pretty fortunate there was detector, right?”
Shurgot responded: “Yeah, it probably saved peoples’ lives with readings that high.”

It’s not known why the readings were high. Each individual unit has a gas furnace, but it’s not known what caused the readings to be high.

“Luckily, no one is sick,” said Shurgot. “The alarm went off and people got out. Everything worked like it should have.”

Ron Youngker lives in the building and is among the people evacuated. “I’m glad we’re all OK,” said Youngker. “The main thing is we still have a home to come back to.”

Most of the people who were evacuated are staying with relatives, but the landlord did put one couple up at a nearby motel.

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