PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Health care settings like hospitals or long-term care facilities are vulnerable to bed bug infestations.

In a statement, Children’s Hospital says it has had to deal with quite a few cases, but they have proactively inspected every patient care area and they do it on a regular basis.

“By the time they’re the size you might see them on the pillow or something, then you already got a big infestation,” Bill Todaro, an entomologist with the Allegheny County Health Department, said.

Bed bugs walk in the door hiding in personal belongings.

“A lot of times people who visit Children’s Hospital are coming from other places where they had a bed bug infestation,” Todaro explained.

He became aware of a problem at Children’s Hospital a few months ago. He believes it was confined to one section.

“Where they allowed parents who brought in their children to sleep in these beds that were not being used and discovered an infestation there,” Todaro said.

Children’s Hospital says they have developed a plan for dealing with bed bug cases quickly and effectively.

They say they will continue to be vigilant and address cases as they are reported. They don’t have any cases at this time.

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