MARION TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A Beaver County couple feels like they’re getting the run around after making repeated calls to find out if the damage to their car from the Pennsylvania Turnpike is covered.

Peggy and Bob Morgan are like hundreds of others who ran into problems because of the tar-like material that spilled out of a leaking tanker for 40 miles on the turnpike.

They haven’t driven their 2000 Ford Explorer since.

“I thought the insurance company would get it in, get it taken care of and here we are still working at it,” Peggy said.

They called the insurance company, state police and the company representing the leaking tanker – has gotten no straight answers.

“You put out all this money for your insurance and you expect everything to be taken care of especially when you weren’t in an accident or anything like that,” Peggy said.

The Morgans had their SUV towed to a garage. They want the undercarriage checked before driving it again.

Well over 400 people in past nine days have filed insurance claims reporting vehicle damage from the spill.

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