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Larry the Cable Guy here. It’s always important to stay protected on game days, whether you’re on the field with the pigskin, or in the lot roasting that oinker to perfection, and I don’t just mean potholders. My buddies and I have an epic tailgating story – a tale of teamwork, pride and the ultimate benefit of wearing a two-can helmet.

When you’re committing to a full day of hard tailgating work, you gotta stay hydrated for crucial grilling and chilling activity. A two-beverage helmet accessory is key to both your performance and physical appearance.

Now, one cold November day, my boys and I were circling the lot, looking for the perfect spot to set up shop, when we pulled into a space just as another group was too. Trucks facing head on, we got out to figure things out and claim our spot. Now, tailgaters are friendly folks and they like to have a little fun; so we decided to settle things with a little parking lot football scrimmage – winner got the primo lot spot.

After one hour of sweating it out for the prize, the score was neck and neck, and I was ready to finish this game and replenish the missing calories I had just burned with some beef, because I gotta keep my figure. I put it in high gear and sprinted with the ball to the end-zone to score the game winning touchdown. Only problem was, it’s tough to stop this body’s momentum, and I kept on going head first into the 10 foot tow-zone sign. Lucky for me, I had my two-can helmet on, which suffered a pole-shaped dent and the loss of about half a beverage. But that’s why you’ve got the second can, right?

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