NORTH SIDE (KDKA) – Police are investigating after several UPS deliveries were stolen from homes on the North Side.

According to police, there have been three incidents reported, but there could be more.

The thefts were made shortly after the packages were delivered and all seemed to involve a silver Chevrolet Cobalt shadowing a UPS truck.

Police believe that two men are possibly involved in the thefts.

Surveillance cameras in the 1500-block of Garfield Avenue captured one of the alleged suspects and the vehicle.

Two other similar thefts were reported nearby about an hour after the theft on Garfield Avenue.

“We had received information from a complainant at 1300-block of Hodgkiss Street. There was some UPS deliveries that were made up in the 1300-block. There was a vehicle, possibly a silver Chevrolet Cobalt, that was seen possibly shadowing the UPS truck,” Pittsburgh Police Sgt. Christina Davison said.

Police said there could be more victims out there.

If you are expecting a package to be delivered, check the tracking code online or by phone. If it says the package has been delivered and you have not received it, contact police.


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