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Larry the Cable Guy here. As many of you know, I have quite the fashion sense. My idea of formal attire is a tuxedo t-shirt, and “dry clean only” is when I hang my clothes out on the line in my backyard. But what I’m probably most known for (aside from my sparkling personality) is my lack of sleeves.

For me, sleeves are just a nuisance, especially when tailgating. I mean let’s be honest, sleeves are only going to end up covered in sauce. Save yourself the load of laundry and cut those suckers off, am I right? But if I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s never to be wasteful. Everything has a purpose in this world, and while sleeves don’t necessarily belong on my shirts, they can definitely do some good when you and your pals are chowing down before a game.

For instance, do you lady tailgaters ever get cold and not pack enough layers? Cut off sleeves make a nice pair of leg warmers. Ever have your car parked smack in the middle of the stadium lot with no real distinguishing landmarks? Stick those sleeves on a plastic pole…I bet no one else there will be able to say “our tent is the one with the flannel sleeves flag blowing in the breeze.” And after a successful tailgate, there’s always grease and gook on the tables and grills. Nothing like a strong, durable shirt sleeve to wipe those nice and clean so you can do it all again next Sunday.

Do you already use sleeves to accentuate your tailgate? How does your football fiesta stand out from all the others? I have full intentions on spreading this bit of wisdom and more as I visit football stadiums across the country with Prilosec OTC to search for the best of the best in “A Better Way to Tailgate” challenge. Enter HERE to win in one of three categories: 1). Food Served, 2). Tailgate Set-Up and 3). Team Spirit. All entries must include a tailgate photo. Note the “Food Served” category also requires a recipe submission. In addition to game day tickets, other prizes include the ultimate tailgate gear. To view the official contest rules, click here: TailgateFanChallenge.com. It doesn’t get better than that. Show us what you got!

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