BALDWIN (KDKA) — Police continue an active search for a 21-year-old Baldwin woman today who has not been seen since late Wednesday afternoon.

Police in Baldwin say Karissa Kunco was last seen Wednesday between 5 and 5:30 p.m. She left for work with plans to meet a friend for dinner. She never showed and hasn’t answered her cell phone.

Investigators say there is concern for Kunco. She may be with 21-year-old Jordan Clemons.

He is described by authorities as an ex-boyfriend. According to Baldwin police, he is accused of threatening and assaulting Kunco last month.

“There had been a problem with domestic violence between the two in the past,” said Chief Michael Scott, of Baldwin Borough Police. “She had obtained a PFA of protection for abuse against the suspect.”

Investigators say problems have escalated between the two in the past week or so. Checks stolen out of Kunco’s purse, belonging to her father, were cashed in Clemons name, according to Baldwin police.

Also, just a few days ago, officials say threats were made against Kunco on Facebook. Police say they believe Kunco could be in danger.

“He does have a criminal past,” said Chief Scott. “He has been in possession of weapons in the past. We also have information that he has fought police in the past.”

The search expanded to Washington County overnight.

Canonsburg police got involved, telling KDKA’s Heather Abraham that Clemons was known to the area, recently suspected of burglary.

State police and South Strabane police also assisted in looking for Kunco and her 2004 black Toyota Solara, which is also now missing.

But police say the strongest evidence that Kunco and Clemons are in Washington County is credit card purchases made possibly at a Wal-Mart in South Strabane and possibly a gas station in Washington.

“The father’s credit card, which had been in the daughter’s possession, that there were several transactions on that credit card at different locations in the Washington County area,” Chief Scott said.

Police are also check surveillance video in the area to see if the two were captured on tape.

Anyone with information on the case is being asked to call Baldwin police at 412-882-9600.

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