MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — People who live in suburbs east of Pittsburgh began to receive their 2012 assessment notices.

Anyone whose home is up more than 30 percent will likely see their taxes increase.

“Taxes are going to go up for me, they’re going to go up for my next-door neighbors, they’re going to go up for everyone which means something else has to be cut within our homes like food or clothing,” Sharon Rhodes-Booker, of Monroeville, said.

Mike Ryan saw his assessment value double on his Swissvale home. He says he’s not sure what assessors saw.

“They’re saying that’s a garage – it’s not a garage it’s a tool shed,” he said. “They never come in your house by they tell you what you have in there.”

More than one resident questioned the comparables used in coming up with the new values.

“I don’t know what they’re comparing this one to because I don’t live in Sewickley, you know, and that’s the prices they’re giving me,” Ryan said.

The new assessment values won’t take effect until next year which gives homeowners time to appeal.

Only about one-third of the values have been sent to the suburbs yet. The next round will be mailed February 20. The last round will go out March 2.

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