MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — As part of the Air Force reorganization the Pentagon announced today the 911th’s 7 C-130 cargo planes are going to be decommissioned leaving the Air Force Base without any planes. The Air Force says the move with shut down the Pittsburgh Air Force station.

“We are not going down without a fight,” said Congressman Tim Murphy as he arrived home for the weekend. Murphy has led the fight to save the 911th Air Force Reserve base in the past and is now organizing the effort once again.

The 911th employs 2,500 reservists, full-time military and civilian personnel. Payroll alone totals $117 million annually. That doesn’t include the number of times that money turns over in the community.

Congressman Murphy and Congressman Jason Altmire believe the Air Force is overstepping its authority. The Air Force Command can only shut down a base if it employees 300 civilians or less otherwise it takes congressional action.

Murphy says there are currently 318 civilians employed by the 911th. As a result the congressional delegation believes the military can’t close the base.

Instead they want to see the facility “re-missioned” as the Air Force is doing with all the other bases in the reorganization plan. The 911th is the only base closing in the 50 states and 4 territories affected by the changes.

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