ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Fire caused some damage to a home in Ross Township on Sunday afternoon.

Authorities say the fire started in a second-floor bedroom inside a house in the 100-block of Varney Street.

Everyone got out safely, but a little girl who lives in the home was in tears as she watched from the street.

“There was a candle in my room; it probably caught on something,” she said.

“I was downstairs getting something for my daughter, and my step-sister, she started screaming, ‘Fire!’ So, I went upstairs and she said it was in her room,” resident Chris Donovan said. “So, I ran upstairs and the door was halfway open and I [saw] flames. I pushed the door open and there was just a massive amount of flames everywhere.”

A fire official later said it was the candle that started the fire.

Firefighters said they were able to keep the fire contained to the single room and the family was able to return to the home.

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