PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Regardless of what you thought of Super Bowl, there are always the commercials.

This year, those very expensive ads went gone to the dogs.

Early results suggest Doritos has two winners in the chase for super spots.

The commercial called “Man’s Best Friend features a Great Dane bribing his owner with a bag of Doritos to keep quiet about what happened to the cat.

A second spot with a baby in a sling also placed consistently in the top five.

In the dog-eat-dog world of advertising, a rescue dog named Weego fetches beer from the fridge for Bud Light.

Sketchers and Volkswagen also counted on canines to push their product.

A cute little dog sporting Sketchers’ new running shoe beat the greyhounds at the dog track.

Meanwhile Volkswagen featured a dog working out for months to fit through the doggie door to chase the new VW Bug.

Another popular spot came from the makers of M&M’s pushing its new line of chocolates.

Regardless of your favorite, they weren’t cheap to get on the air.

Thirty seconds set advertisers back $3.5 million so all of them hope they didn’t end up with a dog on their hands at the end of the big night.


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