CARNEGIE (KDKA) — A man arrested in the stabbing death of his girlfriend in Carnegie allegedly confessed before police arrived.

Police say 26-year-old Jeffrey Maloy was covered in blood when he ran to his neighbor’s house moments after he stabbed 36-year-old Melissa Bowers to death.

At about 4 a.m., Jeffrey Maloy knocked on his neighbor’s door with unthinkable news. The neighbor does not want to be identified.

“Neighbor comes over, tells me that he killed his girlfriend,” he said. “He asked me what he should do. I said, ‘You do the right thing, you know. You go to authorities, you know. You don’t run from this. … You do the right thing, turn yourself in.’”

He says Maloy wanted to talk to his father. The neighbor made the phone call and Maloy’s father soon arrived.

“Talked to his son and he said, you know, ‘Obviously, you got to go to authorities and surrender,’” the neighbor said.

When police went inside the apartment on Railroad Avenue, they found Bowers, a mother of two, dead.

Maloy was immediately taken into custody.

Police say Maloy and Bowers had been dating on and off and there had been problems between the couple. The neighbor said things appeared to be getting better.

“I seen her the day before, you know, and seemed like they were working it out, I guess, you know, I guess they weren’t working it out too good.”

Police were at the home much of the day, combing for clues in the case. Meantime, the neighbor who comforted and counseled Maloy is left with a haunting memory of what happened.

“I’ll always in my mind know that something bad happened across the street from me here,” he said.

Maloy will face homicide charges. Sources tell KDKA-TV Bowers’ two children were not home at the time of her murder.

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