By Marty Griffin

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There’s a new twist in a bizarre crash in downtown Pittsburgh.

Richard McGee, the man who drove an SUV into the revolving door at PNC Firstside Center on Tuesday, will likely not face charges.

McGee, 67, of the North Side, will face traffic citations. At this point, it appears he had some sort of medical condition.

“From what we understand, he came to the intersection,” Pittsburgh Police Lt. Kevin Kraus said. “He began into a coughing fit and lost control of the vehicle, accelerated up the steps of the bank and ultimately crashed through the front door of the building.”

Police say McGee took his girlfriend’s car from Parkway Center in Green Tree. He did have a key; however, the girlfriend didn’t know he took the car.

“She reported the car stolen,” Kraus continued. “He had a key to the vehicle. He had access to a key. He went up to her workplace and unwitting to her, he got into her car, drove the car with the intent of having the car back before she got off work.”

Police say because McGee did have a key to the car, he will not be charged with theft. Police plan to cite McGee with numerous traffic violations, but nothing serious.

“There are absolutely no ties, no relation, no association whatsoever to Occupy Pittsburgh … and we have no evidence that this is in any way a terrorist event,” Kraus said.

The bomb squad was called to the scene Tuesday to inspect the inside of the vehicle, but nothing explosive was found.

Streets were closed around the area as a result of the investigation.

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