By Ralph Iannotti

MARS, Pa. (KDKA) — The community is reacting to news a man used an elaborate ploy on Facebook to make sexual contact with young girls.

“You really don’t know who’s sick out there and who’s capable of doing that kind of stuff,” Whitney Tarwater, of Mars, told KDKA-TV.

William Ainsworth, a 53-year-old used car salesman of Mars, allegedly befriended young girls on the internet after creating three bogus profiles.

In one of them, he called himself, “Glenn Keefer, a sugar daddy looking for sugar babies.”

Linda Kelly, the Pa. State Attorney General, told a news conference Friday that Ainsworth was many different things to many different people and he had more than 600 Facebook friends.

Prosecutors said that Ainsworth used the fake profiles to coax young girls to send him explicit pictures of themselves and in at least two cases the girls met him to have sex.

Another Mars resident, Jim Nething said he was shocked by the arrest, adding, “Sadly, too many people use [the internet] for the wrong purpose.”

Ainsworth is facing dozens of charges including criminal solicitation and unlawful contact with minors.

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