STATE COLLEGE (KDKA) – A judge has ruled on bail modifications for the man at the center of a child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University.

On Monday,  Judge John Cleland granted certain bail modifications for Jerry Sandusky under certain conditions.

Sandusky can have supervised visits with grandchildren except for the three who are involved in custody litigation.

Sandusky may also have adult visitors. He must submit a list of up to 12 people, in addition to members of his immediate family, whom he requests be authorized to visit.

The probation supervisor will determine who are appropriate persons to visit and under what conditions. The judge will also allow Sandusky to leave his home to assist his defense team with advance notice.

Last week, Sandusky filed a motion asking Judge Cleland to loosen his bail conditions to allow him to visit with his grandchildren.

Prosecutors said they have received complaints that Sandusky was spotted recently on a warm day sitting on his back porch allegedly watching children at a nearby playground next to an elementary school.

On Friday, Sandusky expressed his dissatisfaction with neighbors who raised concerns about him sitting on his back porch.

The back porch overlooks a playground connected to a nearby elementary school.

The judge heard testimony from an agent of the attorney general who quoted a parent of a 7-year-old girl who was fearful when she would see him on that porch.

However, the judge said Sandusky has done nothing to attempt to lure or make gestures or otherwise try to talk with children in the school yard.

Today, the judge said that Sandusky can sit on his porch.

“I acknowledge the undoubtedly good faith concern of those adults whose views were presented by the Commonwealth’s investigator. Nevertheless, the Commonwealth failed to present any evidence whatsoever that the defendant presents a clearly defined threat to any student at the adjoining elementary school simply by being on his deck. No evidence was presented that at any time the defendant made any effort to contact any of the children by signaling or calling to them, or that he made any gestures directed toward them, or that he acted in any inappropriate way whatsoever,” Judge Cleland said.

However, the defense got what it wanted regarding jury selection.

The judge said even though the prosecution requested an out-of-county jury, a Centre County jury will hear the Sandusky case.

Since his arrest late last year on child sexual abuse charges, the retired Nittany Lions coach has been confined to his house and the immediate environs of his property.

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