PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pittsburgh police officer who was arrested Thursday on a list of charges will be released.

At the hearing Friday morning, the judge decided to reduce Adam Skweres’ bond. He is facing charges of official oppression, criminal coercion, bribery and indecent assault.

Skweres will now be released on his own recognizance – most likely on Monday or Tuesday because of paperwork.

He will be held on electronic monitoring. He will be released once guns are removed from his home.

Skweres, 35, worked out of the Zone 3 police station. He is facing four separate felony cases and could face federal charges with the possibility of 20 or 30 years in prison.

“I believe they’re false accusations,” Joe Skweres, Adam’s brother, said. “It’s causing a lot of stress on my brother and my family.”

Joe says his brother is a great cop with a great attitude and background.

“Look at his record,” he said. “He spent 12 years in the Army Reserve, five years on the force. He did a tour of duty in Iraq. I mean, this is completely uncharacteristic of him.”

Attorneys representing Skweres plan to pick apart the charges and the cases – three of them several years old.

“Two of the allegations are from 2008 – 2008 – they’re not filed until 2012,” Phil DiLucente, Skweres’ attorney, said. “And if they truly believed that, I would have thought or had hoped that they would have come forward sooner.”

Skweres said his brother is not capable of such violent acts and calls the alleged victims liars.

Marty Griffin: “Do you believe that he was ordering women to do these things?”

Skweres: “No.”

Griffin: “Why don’t you believe that?”

Skweres: “Because I know him.”

Griffin: “Are they all lying?”

Skweres: “As far as I can tell, I would assume so.”

Griffin: “And why are they, Joe?”

Skweres: “Because I know my brother.”

Griffin: “Why are they lying? What’s their motive, sir?”

Skweres: “I have no idea behind their motives. I can’t comment behind what they’re thinking.”

Sources tell Marty Griffin there are FBI wiretaps in this case and that they will be used in the prosecution of the case.

There is also a debate about whether the charges will stay as state charges or federal charges.

In the most recent case, the alleged incident happened last Saturday night. It’s apparent in the criminal complaint that Skweres knew he was under investigation.

He asked the alleged victim several times if she was wearing a wiretap. He turned water on in her apartment hoping to cover up any noises and he wrote down his desires for sexual favors on pieces of paper so his voice would not be captured.

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