VANDERGRIFT (KDKA) – Police are looking for someone who allegedly threw something through the window of a school van in Westmoreland County.

According to officials with the van company, the incident happened near the intersection of Sherman Avenue and Columbia Street in Vandergrift Tuesday morning.

The school van was picking up Evangel Heights Elementary School students when something flew through the driver’s window and broke it.

“I already had three students on the bus and I stopped to pick up three more and they were just getting on the bus, getting on their seats and all of a sudden, ‘Bam!’

“My window shattered. Glass flew and hit me,” Janet Nichols, the driver, said.

She checked on the children who were fine. She had shattered glass in her hair that caused small cuts. Another bus came to take the students to school.

The bus window has already been repaired, but the question of what happened is far from answered.

The driver saw a small circle in the window before the glass shattered – likely caused by an object about the size of a pebble.

Vandergrift police are now handling the investigation. They think the window may have been shot by a BB gun.


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