GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A horse barn at the Westmoreland Fairgrounds is temporary home to a herd of Arabian horses rescued from a farm in West Virginia.

Veterinarians from Allegheny Equine Clinic team up with dozens of other volunteers to prepare the Arabians for new lives in adoptive homes.

Terry Figueroa, founder of the Arabian Rescue Mission in New Jersey, answered a call from a West Virginia family unable to care for the horses when the family member who owned them passed away.

Some of the original of the original 54 have already been adopted.

Thirty-two horses were actually transported to the Fairgrounds. Of those, four have already been adopted. Figueroa says they won’t shut this operation down until every single one of them has found a home.

Prospective adopters need only to prove they will provide a good home. If so, the horses are theirs for a $25.00 registration fee.

“They make the best family horses,” Figueroa says. “They’re very loyal, very affectionate. And they take care of you as well as you take care of them.”

The horse barn is open to the public, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., starting Tuesday.

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