PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Magic and a little imagination are a powerful combination.

That’s what Walt Disney wants kids to believe.

On Wednesday, skaters from the “Disney On Ice” program jumped right in to put on a special program focusing on Leap Year.

Playing an old-fashioned game of leap frog, coloring pages with Jiminy Cricket, or designing a lily pad for a frog, “Disney On Ice” is all about Leap Year.

“It is Leap Day because it is a Leap Year, so we decided to tie that into it and because we do leaps on the ice as well, we tied that all into this event,” said Matt MacMurdo, of “Disney On Ice.”

Performers from “Disney On Ice” spent time with kids from Pittsburgh Weil PreK-5 at the PPG ice rink.

“If you work hard enough and you put your mind to anything you can do whatever you want,” said Danielle Leong, of “Disney On Ice.” “Everything in skating is hard and it’s a challenge, but if you work hard enough, then you are capable of anything.”

Most of the kids had never even tried on skates, but with a little bit of inspiration from a teacher they gave it a try.

“I remember my first time skating, and I really got hooked to it,” said Leong. “So, it’s really nice to see kids come out, try skating, see if they like it and learn it and they have that skill for life; and hopefully, maybe someday, they will be able to perform with ‘Disney On Ice’ too.”

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