By Brenda Waters

BALDWIN (KDKA) — In light of the school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, KDKA’s Brenda Waters talked to local school districts about their security measures.

The Pittsburgh Public Schools District has metal detectors at all schools, cameras inside school buildings and on property, in addition to security guards. The doors are also locked throughout the day and visitors must be buzzed in.

At Seneca Valley in Butler County, mobile metal detectors are rolled into place randomly and unannounced. It’s happened twice this school year.

They also have surveillance cameras and security guards.

“I can’t rule out the possibility of something this catastrophic happening anywhere, but we’ve taken a great number of steps to avoid that type of stuff,” Baldwin-Whitehall School District Superintendent Dr. Larry Korchnak said.

The new addition to Baldwin High School was completed three years ago. Dr. Korchnak pointed out the security measures.

The high school has 128 cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the building. They do not have metal detectors.

“Can someone sneak a gun into the building? I believe anyone can sneak in anything into any building,” Dr. Korchnak said.

In case of an emergency at the school, key words are spoken over the PA system directing a lockdown.

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