NEW ALEXANDRIA (KDKA) — Aluminum cans were stolen from a Cub Scout recycling project in Westmoreland County.

Cub Scout Pack 345 out of New Alexandria operates it out of Keystone Plaza along Route 22. The boys recycle the cans and earn $600 or $700 a year to fund their activities.

When pack leader Dave Cochran came to collect the cans last Saturday, he realized about half of them were missing.

He says police told him thieves hoisted themselves inside the container to get bags of cans and then loaded them into a small car.

An observant shopper saw what was happening in broad daylight and wrote down the plate number.

Police tracked down the 27-year-old man and 25-year-old woman at an abandoned trailer in Indiana where they admitted to everything.

The couple said they cashed in the cans at Wilson’s Scrap Yard in Saltsburg and got $35.

“It upset me … once our boys found out about it, they were a little bit upset too,” Cochran said.

But he hopes the boys will also use this as a lesson.

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