PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — You probably know that KDKA was the world’s first commercial radio station, signing on the air in November of1920.

There’s someone out there right now who heard that first broadcast and she continues to listen to KDKA-AM every day.

Lucy Treccase is 106 and still going strong and she remains a fan of KDKA Radio.

Listening to KDKA is Lucy’s favorite past-time. She doesn’t own a television, and doesn’t want one.

“On radio you learn a lot,” she said. “I’m still learning.”

Born October 18, 1905, Lucy has lived through 19 presidencies. She listened to the election of Warren G. Harding and FDR’s fireside chats. But her favorite president was Harry Truman.

“He stopped the Japanese war and saved some of my relatives,” she said. “They would’ve died if it hadn’t ended.”

KDKA has many faithful listeners. But no one beats Lucy, so she was honored by the station for her loyalty.

Lucy says a key to her longevity is that she doesn’t smoke, but that’s not her only secret.

“Well, I like a little beer. That’ll keep you going. Keep you alive,” she said.

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