I’m not one to share my opinion, but since you asked…

  • There was good news regarding Sidney Crosby’s return to competitive hockey on Tuesday when the kid said after practice that he would return to action this Thursday against the New York Rangers.  For Crosby, it’s been a very bizarre past 14+ months of not playing, diagnosing, recovery, return and subsequent reversal of fortune with the concussion like symptoms he’s suffered through.  I am rooting for him to do well in his return.  I just don’t think his return will last long.  If time has proven anything it’s that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are by far the most grueling, rugged post-season in all of professional sports.  It won’t take long for somebody to lay the wood to Crosby.  Or perhaps he takes a shot to the head.  Its hockey and these things happen.  If it happens to Crosby, he’s going to back to square one or perhaps much worse. 
  • Now that the Steelers have made a tender offer to Mike Wallace, many are in panic mode thinking other teams will try to do better and steal Wallace away, weakening the Black-n-Gold.  Keep in mind the Steelers let Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes go and went to Super Bowls the next season.  I would much rather see Ben Roethlisberger throwing passes to the speedy wideout, but if he isn’t, he isn’t.  The show will go on. 
  • Pitt paying $60,000 to play in the CBI is just another example of more questionable decisions being made by Pitt AD Steve Pederson.  Granted, Pitt would only need to sell 3,000 tickets at $20 per ticket to break even.  Add parking & concessions to the evening’s till and the University could make a few dollars, but to pay to play is nothing short of embarrassing.  Not to mention, who in the blue hell wants to see Pitt vs. Wofford?  There is no need for it.  The few extra practices the underclassmen will get are not going to do that much to improve them for next season.  Only adding talent will.  
  • As I’ve said before, Tiger Woods will not win another major, or a single PGA Tour event in 2012.  His Achilles injury suffered on Sunday at Doral is yet another example of his age and time catching up to this once invincible star. 
  • West Virginia getting a home game vs. Gonzaga is not as bad as many want to make it out to be.  The ‘Eers are going to be one and done anyhow.  Just make sure you keep your couches inside when their fans come to town. 
  • What a classless a move by Arena Football owners to fire their entire rosters just before the start of the 25th season last week.  The players who didn’t leave the union were forced to find their own way home from Florida.  Can you imagine the Steelers or Dallas Cowboys pulling a stunt like this?  Fans would be in outrage, but this is indoor football and nobody really cares, nor should they.
  • I’m placing the over/under for Sidney Crosby will play before being sent back to the sidelines due to concussion like symptoms at 11.5 games. 
  • Evegni Malkin should be the NHL MVP over Steven Stamkos of Tampa Bay.  The Lightning stink and won’t be in the post-season.  Malkin has carried the Pens with Crosby missing 60+ games this year.   If he doesn’t get the Hart Trophy, there should be an investigation. 
  • Speaking of investigations, how West Virginia’s Kevin Jones was not named player of the year smells of pure jealousy.  Jones who is a senior, led the BE in points per game and rebounding.  He was named to the 1st team, but didn’t get one single vote for player of the year.  It went instead to Marquette forward Jae Crowder, who was third in the league in scoring (17.6) and ninth in rebounding (7.9). I understand the whole WVU leaving for the Big 12 angle, but why should that kid suffer because of it? Yet another reason to hate the Big Least.
  • Peyton Manning will sign with Denver.  I know Miami is hot for him and who can argue with the weather, but the Broncos will win the Manning sweepstakes, plus have a future Hall-of-Fame QB to help tutor Tim Tebow.  
  • Kentucky will play Syracuse for the National Title of college basketball in New Orleans with the Wildcats cutting down the nets.
  • Nobody loves to pile on Joe Paterno more than me, unless your a member of the board of trustees at Penn State who released a report on why he and PSU President Graham Spanier were canned back in November in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal.  I’ve always maintained Paterno was an ego maniac, surrounded by the drones who worshiped him and took his word as gospel.  I don’t see the report as piling on like many do.  Those who are critisizing are many who cried when he was fired for not doing enough when he could.  That’s my main gripe with all of this.  I said it before and will do so again.  Paterno was never going to have to face the media and answer for what he failed to do.  That he wouldn’t last long enough after his firing.  His body gave out and that was it.  So what if the PSU brass are giving a clear message as to why they acted back on November 9th.  If it makes Paterno look bad, there’s a reason for it.  He failed to act and do something when he could have.  For that, he cannot be forgiven and if you believe in the afterlife, he is paying for it.
  • I see that Starling Marte is tearing it up early in spring ball.  That’s all well and good, but don’t think he’s going to be up in the majors come April.  He will start in Indianapolis and any playing time with the big club will be determined on how Alex Presley and Jose Tabata do the 1st two months of the season combined with his performance. 
  • After three weeks of pure, over the top coverage, the Jeremy Lin hysteria has finally subsided.  
  • Is there anybody more irrelevant in sports than Danica Patrick?  WIn a freaking race already or just go to work for GoDaddy.com full-time please.
  • Have you filled out your NCAA Women’s Tournament brackets yet?  Yeah, I thought the answer to that was I didn’t know they had a tournament.
  • If Sidney Crosby never suffers from post-concussion symptoms again, I will march down Grant Street naked, painted bright neon pink, being chased by a hungry pack of Doberman’s while playing Christmas Carols on a bag pipe as I stroke out and expire.  I’m certain that both events will never take place.  Or will they?

John Phillips is the author of this article and a former secret member of the Galactic Empire.  Since he no longer chases down Jedi across the West End Bridge, he can be heard anchoring sports updates and hosting the occasional weekend talk-show on 93.7 The Fan.  Follow JP on Twitter at www.twitter.com/937Phillips