PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — State police in Pittsburgh are investigating after a man reported that he was pulled over along the Parkway East and approached by another man claiming to be a detective overnight.

The incident happened around 1:30 a.m. on the entrance ramp from Wilkinsburg to the Parkway East eastbound at Braddock Hills.

Investigators say the victim was traveling eastbound on the ramp in a van when he was “stopped and cut off” by another vehicle.

State police report that the alleged vehicle had a red, emergency light on the front dashboard.

According to state police, the suspect allegedly identified himself as a detective when he approached the victim, asked a few brief questions and then did a pat down.

Authorities say the man reported that the suspect then took $800 and 10 methadone pills before returning to his vehicle and driving away, heading eastbound on the Parkway East.

“I don’t want the public to be alarmed; I just want the public to be aware,” said Trooper Robin Mungo, of the Pennsylvania State Police. “But right now, there are some questions unanswered that we need to look into before we say this is truly what it is.”

Police say they are taking the claims extremely seriously and want to conduct additional interviews, but admit there are some holes to the story. Starting with where the victim was coming from.

“We do have the location of where the individual, the victim, started from and he started from the casino and was in route to home,” said Trooper Mungo.

State police describe the suspect as a white male in his mid-40s with a crew cut. He was reportedly wearing a dark shirt that had brown patches on the shoulder.

His vehicle is described as a black, four-door sedan with a red, emergency light on the dashboard.

Trooper Mungo also said that the victim identified the impersonator’s vehicle as being an unmarked black vehicle. She says though that within state police policy, if it’s dark outside, they will not pull someone over in an unmarked vehicle.

“But if we have to, we will be calling for a marked vehicle to back us up,” Trooper Mungo added.

State police say the investigation is ongoing, but add that it is extremely rare for an incident like this to occur on such a busy highway.

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