NORTH SHORE (KDKA) — It sure didn’t take people long to discover the North Shore Connector of the Port Authority T System.

Commuters tired of hoofing it from Wood Street were more than happy for the extra ride to the new Gateway T station during the morning rush hour.

Afternoon commuters made their way to the station as if it had always been there instead of this being the first full business day of operations.

Problems on the T system in the South Hills caused some delays during the morning rush hour, but those issues were unrelated to the new section of the light rail system.

By midday Monday, the only problems being reported were due to learning curve issues for drivers who were getting used to the tight turns into the new stations and the timing issues between trains.

Already, commuters are trying out the cheaper parking on the North Shore and taking advantage of the free rail service into the Golden Triangle.

Alco Parking reported an additional 300 commuters parking on the North Side Monday and 95 new leases have been sold in the West General Robinson Street parking garage.

In an effort to attract drivers to the North Shore, the Carnegie Science Center is now opening a lot daily that sits next to the Allegheny Station of the T.

The science center is charging $6 for all day parking. That is the same rate charged by ALCO Parking in the lots on between Heinz Field and PNC Park.

And ALCO has dropped the daily rate in the West General Robinson Street Garage to $6 from the previous rate of $8.

It’s estimated there are about 1,500 to 2,000 spaces available near the new North Shore T stations.

Commuters who choose to park on the North Shore should be aware that those parking spaces will not available on about a half dozen days when the Pirates have day games, beginning with Opening Day next Thursday.

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