PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The official announcement won’t come until Sunday night during the Academy of Country Music Awards on KDKA, but there’s news about a big name DJ coming back to Y108.

“That’s all I am, is just a regular guy who happens to play songs,” said Jimmy Roach, who is returning to Y108.

And one who has seen it all in Pittsburgh radio.

Roach is coming back to Y108 where he will be reunited with his old partner, Monty.

“Coming back is always something that I always had in the back of my mind and getting a chance to work with Monty again is just wonderful,” said Roach.

The official announcement comes Sunday night during the ACM Awards, and it didn’t take long for the fun and games to begin when they gave us a sneak preview Friday.

“This is not his real voice. It’s several octaves higher. It’s kind of like a Pee-wee Herman voice. He affects it,” laughs Brian Montgomery, Roach’s partner – Monty in the Morning. “Also, he is also 4-foot-8. These are platform shoes.”

For 32 years, the high school drop-out has been waking people up on the radio.

“You get in the shower and you say, ‘I’m gonna do this one more day. This is it. I’m gonna hang it up,’” said Roach.

Instead, Y108 is giving country music fans two of the best in the business starting Monday morning at 5 a.m.

“For a long time, I have been driving in in the morning listening to “Monty in the Morning,’ and dial around to see what some of the other radio stations are doing. I love what Jimmy has been doing in this market for a long time,” said Mark Anderson, of Y108. “To be able to put them together, on one radio station in the morning. We really think that is going to be something special.”

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