GREENSBURG (KDKA) — One of the so-called Greensburg Six pleaded guilty in court today.

Melvin Knight pleaded guilty to first and second degree murder in connection with the torture death of Jennifer Daugherty two years ago.

Knight also pleaded guilty to kidnapping as well as conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping.

“It’s very surprising,” Joy Burkholder, the victim’s sister, said. “I don’t know if it’s a relief to not have a trial at this point. I don’t even know if there are words to explain exactly how we feel.”

Prosecutors refused to take the death penalty off the table.

When the judge asked Knight why he decided to plea, he responded that it was the right thing to do and he was sorry.

“It means nothing,” Burkholder said. “He had every chance in the world to stop.”

Co-defendant Angela Marinucci was convicted of first degree murder last May and is serving life sentence.

The remaining suspects remain on the trial list.

Knight will be back in court in August when a jury will decide if he should get life in prison or the death penalty.

“I believe in eye for an eye,” Burkholder said. “I don’t believe in rehabilitation. I believe you should be punished when you do something wrong. I believe you should be punished harshly when you do something as serious as committing a murder – a heinous murder. He should be put to death.”

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