PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A 19-year-old pregnant woman living in Lawrenceville is concerned after she was bitten by a dog earlier this week.

Shalawrea Shogan fears she may develop a case of human rabies.

She went to Children’s Hospital where doctors told her to begin taking three medications. Next week she may have to start getting shots for rabies.

Shogan was bitten Monday night on 46th Street near where she’s staying.

She said she did not provoke the dog which appeared to be a mixed breed golden retriever. The dog was being walked by a woman. Shogan says the dog was on a leash and bit her on the buttocks for no reason.

Shogan said she does not know the dog’s owner.

She did go to the hospital on Monday but after waiting for more than 3 hours she went home. She went back to the hospital after she got sick.

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