PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An 18-year old hit-and-run suspect is now in police custody.

Matthew Nativio is charged in a string of incidents in just a matter of minutes. He is accused of going on a drunken and destructive drive in a Ford Explorer in South Connellsville.

The 18-year old was in town from Delaware visiting his grandmother.

“I don’t like kids drinking,” Ray Brown said. His property was damaged in the incident. “These young kids, I don’t know what’s the problem with these young kids. They get in trouble. I just don’t understand how or why.”

A porch was taken out, a fence is destroyed, two utility poles were struck, power is knocked out and he nearly ran down a police officer. Police say the teen was so intoxicated that he vomited upon exiting the car.

His uncle is sticking up for him.

“I don’t believe he was under the influence,” Denny Nativio said. “I told Matthew, ‘You should have taken a sobriety test. You only had a half a beer.’

“I said, ‘You were just nervous, man.'”

Matthew’s uncle doesn’t deny his nephew was drinking but says it’s OK.

“Come on, man. I guess,” Denny said. “He’s 18. He’s old enough to go to war, right? Not old enough to have a beer?”

Nobody was injured in the incident. Nativio is being held on $10,000 bond.

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