PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — You might not have seen the commercial for Slushy Magic, but chances are your kids and grandkids have. And, if they have, they probably want one!

The ad makes it look fun, easy and fast for children to make their own slushy drinks at home.

Each kit comes with one shaker cup and lid, a spoon straw, three re-useable cubes and an instruction and recipe booklet.

With that, the only thing standing between you and a refreshing slushy beverage is supposedly the liquid of your choice, and two minutes of shaking.

The product is definitely marketed to children; so, KDKA’s Jennifer Antkowiak found some kids who know how to shake it and were excited to help her test Slushy Magic.

Some award-winning dancers from Aime’s Dance Academy in Forest Hills had all seen the commercial and thought it looked great.

The directions are easy: freeze the cubes, pop ’em in the cup, add any liquid you like to the fill line on the side (we tested with chocolate milk, root beer and orange juice); then snap on the lid, put your thumb or finger over the small hole in the lid and shake!

The directions tell you to shake for at least two minutes. That’s all the prep you need, except for one very important thing, keep your finger or thumb over the small hole in the lid while you shake your drink!

The girls shook the Slushy Magics for us while doing an energetic dance routine! When they were done, Antkowiak noticed a little chocolate milk splatter – something that can easily happen if you let your finger slip while shaking your slushy.

So, things were a little sticky, but definitely slushified! The Slushy Magic turned all three beverages into slushy drinks.

The girls were pleased with the results. Some of the responses were: “Yummy! ” and “Tastes like a milkshake!” and “I want to try it!”

We did notice that although the cup looks full, when you take the ice cubes out, you realize your shaking has created only about 3/4 of a cup of slushy, not really enough to share.

Some of the moms were a little disappointed with that that, but the girls didn’t seem to mind.

Slushy Magic is still available in many stores now for about $15.

So, does it really do that? Our testers say, “Yes!”

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