PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Emergency crews were called to Shaler Township today to help a woman who fell over a hillside.

It happened in the 100-block of Evergreen Avenue behind Haser Trucking Storage Yard.

The middle-aged woman was going for a walk in the woods when she fell.

“At the crest of the hill up there she fell, broke her leg,” Cherry City Fire Chief Jim Skalos said. “They got us to do a rope rescue.”

Using ropes and pulleys, rescuers from the Shaler and Millvale area made the difficult climb up the hillside.

They eventually came back down with the woman secured in a rescue stretcher.

“Everything went very smooth,” Skalos said. “We train for this and everything worked out well.”

The woman was taken to a hospital.

The rescue occurred on property owned by the Haser Trucking Company. Company officials say the woman should not have been on their property in the first place and was trespassing.

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