ECONOMY BOROUGH (KDKA) — Two teenage girls are recovering after being taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon for injuries they sustained when they were hit by a truck while on a rural road in Beaver County.

According to emergency dispatchers, the accident happened at the intersection of Donald Avenue and Woodlawn Drive around 3 p.m. in Economy Borough.

Relatives say the two girls, both 13-years-old, were lying in the middle of the intersection – which is a rural area with not much traffic – trying to take advantage of the afternoon sunshine.

The girls reportedly told family members they fell asleep while they were lying there.

While they were asleep, a vehicle apparently came along and struck them without realizing they were in the road.

“My brother went and turned and hit them, and that was about it,” said Nicholas Beck, a witness. “They [were] bloody.”

“My brother comes up driving cause he had to take his son home, and he turned and he didn’t see them,” added Nichole Beck, another witness.

Emergency officials say the girls were taken by medical helicopter to Children’s Hospital. However, relatives say they were sitting up and talking before being taken for treatment.

Police were called to the scene. The investigation continues.

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