HOMESTEAD (KDKA) – Drivers who are illegally parking in a lot in Homestead will have a few more days to find other parking places.

On Monday, more than 30 cars were towed from the lot and the owner of the tow truck company said this is his final warning.

For decades, it was a parking place for people looking to take the bus.

That is, until this week.

From now on, if you park in the old Shop ‘N Save parking lot, you are going to get towed.

“I wondered why there were no cars parked here,” Tom Soulier said.

Space after space was vacant except for a few drivers after the property owner cleared out cars using the lot as their private park and ride for the bus.

Signs are up to warn drivers about the consequences of parking in the lot.

“It was a hectic day because we were over here doing a job that we were hired to do,” Tom Culgan from Culgan Recovery said.

Culgan had the task of clearing the lot.

“The property owners hired us because there’s been problems with too many vehicles being parked on this property. They’re parking tractor-trailers on this property, which is a hazardous issue,” Culgan said.

The mass towing created mass panic and anger amongst drivers who claimed the signs were not there.

“People have to read the signs and pay attention,” Culgan said. “We posted them on Saturday. We were here Friday evening and Saturday morning.”

Culgan said a few angry motorists got out of hand and the cops had to be called.

“Because all the problems they were having with the people, I’d give them a break today and tomorrow, but come Thursday any cars will be taken off the property,” Culgan said.

Culgan said he actually cut those who were towed a break on their fee. As for being the bad guy, he said he is just doing his job.

Culgan also said us to make sure there is absolutely no confusion anywhere on the lot, he plans on posting at least two more signs.


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