PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The owner of a North Side business has filed a protection from abuse order against Zone 1 Pittsburgh Police Commander RaShall Brackney.

She must now have no contact with Andrew Lee who claims Brackney threatened him.

Lee owns Executive Cigars on the North Side.

He told KDKA-TV that until recently, he had a romantic relationship with Brackney and that when it soured, she exacted her revenge.

Andy Sheehan: “You’re saying this was the action of a spurned woman?”

Lee: “Without a doubt, without a doubt.”

Since December, his business has been hit with numerous building citations, culminating in him being shut down for two-and-a-half weeks in February – all of which he attributed to Brackney.

“I’m losing my business, I’m in bankruptcy as a result – it’s been shut down,” Lee said.

Brackney, the commander of North Side’s Zone 1, would not comment. The chief’s officer issued a statement.

“Commander Brackney remains on duty at Zone 1 and will carry out her normal duties and responsibilities. The Bureau does not release the names of plaintiffs or discuss the contents of any Protection from Abuse Order. The Chief will make no further statement as this matter is under investigation.”

It also appears that Andrew Lee’s troubles coincide with a shooting incident in December that may have originated at a now-defunct after-hours club.

Police sources say the argument spilled out into the street where the shooting occurred.

But Lee said he had nothing to do with that business and that Brackney has since told his lawyer she would do him physical harm.

“At this point I felt physically in danger for my life,” Lee said. “This woman carries a gun.”

The police statement went on to say that all stipulations in the PFA must be enforced, meaning that Commander Brackney must steer clear of Andrew Lee.

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