MARSHALL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The Game Commission set a trap Thursday after a homeowner in Natrona Heights complained a bear broke through their screen door to get to food.

Friday, a 100-pound bear was caught and taken to the gamelands in Marshall Township to be processed.

Inside the Game Commissions trap, the bear waited as the officers prepared a little sedative. It had been a pretty adventuresome 48 hours.

Gary Lang says the bear got into his bird feeder two weeks ago. On Wednesday night, the bear crept a little closer to home.

“He got (the bird feeder) again, but on this occasion he happened to head towards the house after he was done with the bird feeder,” Lang said.

Right for the enclosed porch and through the glass window to where the main supply of bird seed is kept.

“There was a lot of noise,” Lang said. “It sounded like two people up here fighting, you know, rolling around or whatever. That’s actually what got me out of bed.”

The bear was nowhere in sight by the time Lang got to the door. Thursday morning he called the Game Commission and, because of the bear’s previous exploits, the trap was parked in Lang’s backyard with tantalizing bait.

“Actually, the best thing he had was a five-gallon bucket of glazing for donuts,” Lang said.

It worked like a charm, and when Gary woke up Friday morning the trap was closed.

The bear was driven to Marshall Township where the sedative was administered and 15 minutes later the bear was extracted for processing. After extracting a tooth so he can be properly aged, the officer weighed him and put him back in a trailer to sleep it off.

The bear will eventually be taken back to an undisclosed location to be released back into the wild.

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