PITTSBBURGH (KDKA) — What kept Pirates fans waiting at the Gateway T station on Mother’s Day wasn’t a lack of manpower or car shortages.

It turned out to be a derailed car at South Hills Junction heading towards downtown Pittsburgh at about 1 p.m. – a peak time for going to the Pirate game.

One hundred passengers were on board.

Frustrated riders hoped any delay problems had been solved. The Port Authority is looking into happened with the derailed car.

“We have the ability to download a lot of data from the train vehicle itself also from the train track system, the T system itself – look at … switch positions,” Jim Ritichie, a spokesman for the Port Authority, said.

The Port Authority says derailments only happen on average about twice a year and nothing seems to indicate a chronic failure.

“At this point, it doesn’t appear that it’s anything that would cause a safety concern of some kind like a part was malfunctioning or breaking down prematurely – nothing like that so we don’t have any indication of that type of activity,” he said.

The Port Authority hopes to know what caused the derailment by the end of the week.

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